Launch Fireworks All Locations in Fortnite (Season 7 Week 4 Challenge)

It’s soon a new year, so what’s a better challenge than Launch Fireworks in Fortnite? For the Season 7 Week 4 Challenges you have to precisely that. Moreover, it’s actually quite fun to do!

There are three locations of the fireworks that are relatively near each other, and what they have in common is they all are placed on the edge of the battle-royale map. Every firework is located in such a way it launches away from the main land, out over the ocean. This makes the locations of the fireworks pretty off from where you usually would have landed, resulting in doing more than one firework per game would require some lengthy travel times.

However, doing the two Fireworks in the very South-East of the map is very doable in one single game. Luckily, you only have to visit and launch three fireworks, of three possible. Here are all the locations.

Launch Fireworks All Locations in Fortnite

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The Three Fastest Fireworks Locations:

  • Firework 1: The very South of the map from Paradise Palms
  • Firework 2: East of Paradise Palms
  • Firework 3: North-West of Wailing Woods

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Launch Fireworks All Locations

When you interact with a firework, a notification will pop up on your screen for a brief moment. Make sure you properly launched the firework before moving on to the next one. Also, this challenge does no needs to be completed in one single game, but you can complete multiple fireworks in one game if you’re are determined to do it!

As always, if you successfully complete any firework launch or the whole challenge, do not just leave the game. Instead win or lose the game in order for the challenge to be counted. You can also do another challenge in the same game to be even more efficient after you have got some progress.

Either way, this challenge is very straightforward in the Week 4 Challenges. All you have to do is to come near a firework and it will have an option to launch it using your preferred ‘use’ key. After interacting with the object it will launch, and you’re done!